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If you are anything like us, the art of filmmaking just gets you totally excited.

Whether you are a YouTuber, an indie filmmaker or a screen writer, FilmFlavour is the resource for you.

We do a lot here, from interviewing other filmmakers, to analysis of different filming and cinematography techniques, basically out aim is to share with you what we have learned and hope that you grow with us in this journey.

If any of our articles gets you to take action and start your YouTube channel of pick up a camera and shoot your first short film, we will consider our job here done.

Creating video content has never been easier, and as we navigate through the world of film and video, we hope to bring your along.

Our tips and tricks will get you to produce better video content, have an easy time editing videos and get access to all the tools you need to be a pro filmmaker and Youtuber.

We spend hours of research to curate and create the best guides. Plus we remain unbiased though the process to make sure you get access to the right information for better decision making while buying gear for film or YouTube.

Whether you are just starting out as a filmmaker while searching for the best movie idea, or you are a creative looking for the best tools to help you create a masterpiece, this site will deliver cutthroat content for your needs.

Be sure to hit our search bar for the following types of content;

·         Film making gear buyer’s guides

·         In-depth product reviews

·         How to articles

·         And a lot more..!

When it’s all said and done, what makes a good Youtuber or filmmaker is taking action.

Instead of just waiting for inspiration for your next video to hit you, go right ahead and check out some of our content on how to get your creativity flowing.

Learn how to write great movie scripts and share your story through your films by learning from the best in the industry. We inform you on the latest techniques to help you stay at the bleeding edge of this industry.

So stay tuned. You won’t regret it.



David Scott


Website Editor