8 Best Ultra-Wide Monitor For Flawless Video Editing 2018

If you have ever had to deal with dead pixels on your monitor as you edit videos, you know just how frustrating it can get.

But even worse is when you have a tiny display that gives you little room to maneuver and multitask.

Cue, ultra wide monitors.

Granted, they can be expensive. However, they make up a good investment for professional video editors who require ample space for multitasking.

In our search for the best ultra-wide monitor for video editing, we settled for the Samsung CF791.  Here is why.

Best Pick: Samsung CF791 – ultimate ultra-wide monitor for video editing

From its price to its adjustable elegance and even its performance, this monitor sits pretty at the Goldilocks zone of the best ultra wide monitors for video editing. It displays bright colors and sharp whites all thanks to Samsung’s new quantum dot technology that give balance to the backlight and the display.

Comparison Table

Product Screen Size ResolutionI/O Ports and SlotsDisplay Type Rating
LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor with USB Quick Charge

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34-Inch 3840 x 1440 USB 3.0 Quick Charge, 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display Port LED-Lit 4.9/5

LG 34UC98-W 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor with Thunderbolt

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34-Inch 3440 x 1440USB 3.0 Quick Charge, 2 Thunderbolt 2.0, HDMI port, Display port LED4.8/5
VIOTEK GN32Q – best low budget curved monitor for video editing

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32-Inch 2560x1440p 1 HDMI 1.4, 4 USB 3.0, 1 DisplayPort 1.2 , LCD 4.7/5
Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor (U3818DW)

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38 Inch 3840x1600USB Type-C , HDMI connectors, DP connectorLCD4.5/5
Dell 34" UltraSharp Curved Ultra Wide Quad HD IPS Monitor

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34-inch 3440 x 1440DP connectors, HDMI connectivity, USB 3.0 connectivityLCD 4.7/5
Samsung C34H890WJN - 34 Inch (3440 x 1440) WQHD UltraWide Professional LED Curved Monitor

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34 Inch 3440 x 1440USB-C, HDMI LED lit LCD 4.6/5
Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor (C34F791)

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34-Inch 3440 x 1440  2 HDMI, 1 DP, and 2 USB portsLED-Lit4.7/5


LG 34UC80-Best Pick for a Curved UltraWide IPS Monitor with USB Quick Charge

Performance: 4.6/5

Design: 4.5/5

Functionality: 4.7/5

To kick us off is the LG 34UC80-B, an exceptional screen at a pocket-friendly price yet uncompromising in terms of performance. This 34-inch curved panel offers all the goodies video and film editors love in a  monitor. It has an absolutely impressive response time, with true blacks, a decent contrast, and a resolution that makes professional video editing much more fun.


First of all, you simply can’t miss this curve screen that stretches across the entire panel. The sleek ergonomic design of this monitor comes with easy tilting angles with a maximum height adjustment of 120mm for flexibility.

You don’t have to worry about image distortion as it comes with a gentle arc that turns the screen towards the user for an unobtrusive rather than a distractive viewing experience. You also get 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, a headphone jack and a display pot 1.2.

However, it also comes with a fair share of tradeoffs. The default settings it comes with are not as accurate as you would expect plus the lack of built-in speakers might be a deal breaker for some users.


Since you are going to be watching this screen at close angles as you edit, its 1900R curvature will impress you with its immersive experience. It’s 21:9 aspect ratio does a great job for viewing videos giving 4K screens a run for their money.

The extra width is great for film and video editing as it gives you sufficient real estate to maneuver while editing your film footage.

Compared to its competitors Samsung C34F791 ad Acer Predator that come at a much higher price, this monitor boasts a similar resolution of 3440 x 1440 at a pocket-friendly price.

The picture quality on this screen is also quite impressive thanks to a 5M:1 contrast ratio that results in vibrant colors.

Basically, its aIts good monitor for color correction as colors remain accurate at any viewing angle.

• Amazing image quality • Immersive viewing experience • Quality construct with height and tilt adjustment
Does not have an inbuilt speaker




LG 34UC98-W 34-Inch –Best pick with Thunderbolt



Performance: 4.6/5

Design: 4.7/5

Functionality: 4.4/5

Another LG ultra-wide monitor that brings everybody close by to a screeching halt is the LG 34uc98-w. This monitor brings to the fore FreeSync, AMD video card and an adaptive display technology that delivers a color accurate display.


The screen is wide and broad with a heavy metallic stand that curves at the bottom to support the mammoth panel. The only downside in terms of design is the fact that the stand does not allow you to tilt the screen.

But, you can adjust the height. You also get a decent amount of room for plugging in your peripherals as it features two HDMI ports, a couple thunderbolt 2.0 ports with 2 USB ports that you can use to charge your devices.


With a resolution of 3440 by 1440, not to mention an anti-glare matte display you get decent brightness levels sufficient enough for professional tasks. The screen has a 1900R curvature ration which is great for putting the monitor edge to edge for a completely immersive experience while editing videos.

Compared to its main competitors (Dell Ultra-Sharp U3415W and Acer Predator X34) with a curvature ratio of 3800R, this monitor boasts of a more pronounced curve.

Depending on your preferences, you can switch through the different picture modes that it comes with.

It has two darkroom modes that are great for filmmakers and YouTube video editors.

• Amazing image quality • Immersive viewing experience • Quality construct with height and tilt adjustment
• Does not have an inbuilt speaker



VIOTEK GN32Q – best low budget curved monitor for video editing



Performance: 4.8/5

Design: 4.6/5

Functionality: 4.9/5

Even though VIOTEK is a new brand in the market, it offers quality products that you can rely on for professional work. The VIOTEK GN32Q  is a clear example of this manufacturer’s capacity to create a quality monitor at an extremely pocket-friendly price.


With an anti-glare display that boasts of a 2560 x 1440p QHD resolution display; this monitor makes a solid choice for video editors. It has a dynamic contrast with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio that is great for multitasking with various windows.

Its borderless design provides room for expansive viewing especially if you connect two of them.

Plus the breathtaking image quality with a lag-free AMD and free Sync capability makes it a good choice for daily users.


At its price range, the VIOTEK GN32Q  is a beast when it comes to quality viewing. It offers captivating clarity that makes video editing and general watching of movies much enjoyable.

You will love the high-quality image display and the widescreen aspect ratio at 16:9.  In terms of input and output ports for your peripherals, it comes with the standard HDMI and Display Port for your convenience.

• Multiple I/O ports • Immersive viewing • Color accurate display • Reliable performance • affordable
• low quality speaker • some users complain of light pixel flashing



Dell U-Series 38″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor (U3818DW)



Design: 4.5/5

Functionality: 4.7/5

Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW is designed for play as well as for work. Although it’s expensive, it offers a monster like ultra-wide display at 38 inches. Simply put, its infinity edge display makes it worth the money as it delivers an immersive viewing experience.


Designed with the aesthetics and functionality that will match the needs of any office professional, this monitor has thin bezels that make the display seem even bigger. It also comes with a stand that tilts and pivots for height adjustment giving your flexible viewing at any angle.

The only deal breaker is that the stand does not rotate. However, it comes with options in terms of connectivity. You get two HDMI ports, a display port, and one USB-C port.

There is also an upstream USB port for the monitor to PC connection and a downstream USB port for attachment of other peripherals. Yes, they support charging.


Let’s face it, this here is a high-end display that targets a very specific buyer. So if you are looking to upgrade your workstation with a  much wider and bigger display, this is the monitor for you.

It offers variety in terms of connectivity and even though it does not come with pivot adjustments you get quality performance in terms of color accuracy thanks to its color gamut of 99 percent sRGB.


• VESA mount support • Decent controls • Comes with a warranty • Wide color gamut
• The contrast is not all that great • Pricey


Dell 34″ UltraSharp Curved Ultra Wide Quad HD IPS Monitor



Design: 4.5/5

Functionality: 4.6/5

With a subtle and beautifully gentle curve, the Dell 34″ UltraSharp Ultra Wide Quad HD IPS Monitor is a site for sore eyes. It comes with an accurate color display that makes it a must-have for film and video editors.


In terms of design, this ultrawide monitor does a great job with its curved screen to provide a nice panoramic display.

The monitor takes advantage of in-plane switching (IPS) to deliver a solid grayscale quality.

You also get numerous I/O ports for your peripherals and it comes with a stand that allows you to adjust the height.


With all its pretty ergonomics and a host of features, the Dell U3415W leans on the pricey side.  However, you get great performance in a durable build that is worth every penny.

Whether you are just watching movies or color correcting your videos, its curved screen pulls you in bringing you closer to the details.

To put it simply, this monitor is a must have for those looking to build a professional video editing suite.

• sharp and decent gray scale • crisp display with color accuracy • powerful audio performance • Widescreen aspect ratio
• Pricey • Does not come with a USB port to the side



Samsung C34H890WJN UltraWide Professional LED Curved Monitor



Design: 4.4/5

Functionality: 4.5/5

For us, more room to work is always a plus and the 34 inch Samsung C34H890WJN is built just for that. It comes with a sophisticated design that features a slim bezel frame for a field of view that pulls you in while you work.


In terms of design, Samsung C34H890WJN  is anything but disappointing. It comes with all the modern connections including a USB-C that streamlines video data connectivity with a 65W power delivery which is great for video editors.

Its ergonomic design makes it a good fit for professional work and its WQHD 3440 x 1440 resolution delivers crisp display for color correction.


Granted, this ultra-wide monitor is a great fit for a video editing suite, but, you should be prepared for some downsides.

Even with its 45 degrees viewing angles, the brightness tends to decrease almost drastically when you switch to different angles.

In other cases, the brightness tends to get really bright and you might need to balance it out with the settings.  Most users found the following settings most suitable.

  • Brightness – 55
  • Contrast – 70
  • Sharpness – 60
  • Red – 40
  • Green – 47
  • Blue – 50
  • Gamma Mode – 2


• Easily connects to a Mac or PS4 using the HDMI port • VA panel construct with darker blacks • ample room for editing with multiple windows
• At an angle the brightness might be unreliable but easy to solve with the settings




Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor




Design: 4.8/5

Functionality: 4.7/5

Samsung CF791 is among the many reasons why ultra-wide displays have started to pick up steam among creatives, gamers, and professionals.

This monitor brings about rich velvety colors to your desktop, making your video editing work easy but most importantly enjoyable.


With its elegant figure, the Samsung CF791 sits on top of a stand supported by a broad aluminum colored disc that effortlessly holds the display aloft.

The stand is adjustable yet it is capable of holding the panel firmly in place without any wobble. When it comes to ports and connectivity this monitor features two HDMI 2.0 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.4 plus a USB port.

With VESA compatibility you can easily mount it to a wall and enjoy its quantum dot technology that delivers a 125 percent sRGB.


Performance wise, this 34-inch widescreen monitor with a 1500R curvature is on a league of its own. It gives you ample space for multitasking with multiple windows all thanks to its overwhelming size.

The deep curves present a rather dramatic display but works well for film editing and watching movies.

The only problem is that you might lose on quality of video content that is below 4K as the monitors’ wide aspect ratio tends to stretch out low-quality videos.

Apart from that, Samsung CF791 sits comfortably in a Goldilocks zone in terms of price, performance, and functionality.

• Aesthetically pleasing display • Quality image display • Accurate color display with calibration • Adjustable height on the stand • Can be mounted on a wall
• Speakers can be of better quality • Does not work well with low resolution video content



Buyer’s Guide: How to pick the best monitor for video editing

Video editing comes with lots or requirement in terms of hardware and a decent monitor is one of the tools that will make your work easy.

Granted, you can work with a regular display and still get the job done, however, when you need to multitask and open a bunch of videos to export and render files, an ultrawide monitor comes in handy.

Here are some of the considerations you should look out for while in your search.

Size and Shape of the Monitor

If you are a professional video editor who spends hours working on multiple projects, a large display is ideal as it allows you sufficient space to maneuver and multitask.

With an ultrawide display, splitting the screen to accommodate more windows while keeping an eye on different tasks is much easier.

A larger ultrawide video editing monitor gives you the convenience of not having to connect two separate screens to get a wider panoramic viewing.

Gladly for you, we have sampled some of the best options with a range of widescreen aspect ratios depending on what you prefer.


No matter the monitor you are going for, the resolution is one of the top considerations you should have in mind. We recommend that you go with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p or above for a 24-inch display.

If you want to pick a bigger display at 32 inches, a resolution of 3840 x 2160 p will apply. Basically, the bigger the size of the screen the more resolution you will need.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the width and height proportion of the of the screen.  In most old videos, you will see an aspect ratio of 4:3 which means the image or video has a 4inch width and a 3-inch height.

As a standard, most movies are set in a 21:9 aspect ratio while a majority of HD video content is set at 16:9 aspect ratio.

Most of the monitors we have listed have a 21:9 and a 16:9 aspect ratio which is the recommended range for video editing.

Color Gamut

In simpler terms, color gamut refers to the range of colors a monitor can display at any given time.

Whether you are a professional graphics designer or a video editor, having a monitor with a wide color gamut comes with its advantages when it comes to color intensity.

We recommend that you go with a monitor that delivers a 100 percent and above sRGB color gamut for the best performance during color correction.


I/O Ports

If you are going for an ultra-wide monitor for video editing, another consideration to pay attention to is the input and output ports.

With a monitor features an HDMI port, you can easily connect it to your PC or Mac or use a display port that comes with most of the models in our list.

Most users prefer the trendy thunderbolt port as it offers more reliability and speedy data connectivity. The number of USB ports also allows for more connectivity and convenience in the long run.


As we wrap up, it goes without saying that getting the best ultra wide monitors for video editing provides you the capacity for detailed video editing.

Ultimately you will want to go with the widest monitor that features the highest resolution. With our list, you can pick what a monitor that suits your needs easily.

We recommend the Samsung CF791 as our best pick. Be sure to check out the buyers guide as well for the features to consider while you make your pick.

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